Imam Speaks to GCC Philosophy Class


Guam – Imam Asmuni (Muni) Abdullah spoke with students in Prof. John Armstrong’s Introduction to Philosophy class at Guam Community College  about Islam on Tuesday, September 14.

[Caption: GCC philosophy students discuss Islam with imam Imam Asmuni Abdullah (seated far right) and his wife, Lorna Johnson, (seated center) spoke with GCC students in Prof. John Armstrong’s Intro to Philosophy course on Tuesday about the Islam religion. Father Tony Gomowad from the Episcopal Church of Guam, another member of the Guam Interfaith Committee, is seated on the left.]

Originally from Malaysia, Abdullah is the imam (leader) of Islam on Guam. As imam, Abdullah conducts services at the mosque near Ladera Towers in Mangilao. He is also active in the Guam Interfaith Committee. Abdullah is the principal architect for MV Architects and has lived on Guam with his wife, Lorna Johnson, and their four children for 20 years.

“Muni and his wife were the first Muslims that most of the students have met. They listened quietly, and respectfully asked polite questions.  The experience allowed the students to challenge negative stereotypes of Muslims found in the media. We discovered there are many similarities between Muslims and Christians,” said Prof. Armstrong. Armstrong noted that inviting Abdullah to speak to his class was extremely timely, with the controversy over the proposed construction of a mosque near the 9-11 memorial site in New York City, and a Florida pastor’s threat to burn the Koran if the mosque is built.

“It’s been a pleasure to share our faith with the public, especially our students,” Abdullah said.  “We are trying to correct a lot of the misconceptions about Islam/Muslim out there.”

Armstrong said philosophy is a course that deals with the metaphysical ideas of beliefs, knowledge, experience, conduct and faith. “Learning about Islam is an important and relevant topic in the contemporary world we live in. We look forward to other speakers from the Inner Faith Council of Guam,” said Armstrong.