In-class operations plan required to ensure safety during school reopening


The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) has issued Guidance Memo 2021-02, relative to minimum requirements for in-class operations of K-12 schools and institutions of higher education in accordance with Section 5 of Executive Order No. 2020-46, relative to authorizing in-person instruction at all institutions of learning.

The guidance seeks to establish a process by which K-12 Schools (Schools) and Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) are required and/or recommended to operate.

Guidance Memo 2021-02 provides information on:

  • General requirements and restrictions

  • Hygiene and daily practices at schools and IHEs

  • Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation

  • Social distancing and other protective measures

  • Sick student and employees

  • High-risk activities

In-Class Operations Plan

A written In-class Operations Plan must be formulated by each individual School and IHE. Each School and IHE’s written In-Class Operations Plan must include and address:

  • Minimum requirements outlined in this DPHSS Guidance Memorandum;

  • Measures to protect high-risk students and employees (older persons, persons with underlying medical conditions);

  • Procedures for sick students and employees, particularly those with COVID-19 symptoms; Procedures for monitoring and enforcing these measures internally, including identification of individuals responsible for such monitoring and enforcement; and

  • The role of a full-time or part-time school nurse.

Each school and IHE must have a full-time or part-time school nurse to lead and coordinate implementation of the School or IHE’s COVID-19 prevention and control measures. This individual, at a minimum, must:

  • Be designated as the institution’s point-of-contact to respond to DPHSS inquiries and complaints/concerns from students, parents, and employees; and

  • Evaluate, and revise as necessary, the institution’s implementation of its COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Positive results must be reported to DPHSS Medical Operations by calling 311 Option 1. Each School and IHE must implement an absenteeism process tracking the daily attendance of students and employees absent from school.

Please refer to the attached listing of useful resources:

  • Attachment A: Guam K-12 Public and Private School, and IHE Reopening Plan Template

  • Attachment B: High Touch Surface Sanitization/Disinfection Guidance

  • Attachment C: List of Other Resources

All In-Class Operating Plans for Schools and IHEs must be emailed to If plans have previously been submitted, such plans must be resubmitted in accordance with the minimum requirements set forth in this DPHSS Guidance Memorandum.

DPHSS’ initial approval of all submitted plans will be conditional until receipt of plans and compliance inspection by the Division of Environmental Health (DEH).