In-house Sanctuary resident charged with raping female client


Guam – A safe haven for two clients turned into hell as they became victims of sexual abuse at the hands of an in-house resident.

Sanctuary Incorporated is supposed to be a refuge for clients escaping family conflict and abuse.  But for 21-year old Jay Daniel Fama Nededog it became a hunting ground where he allegedly preyed on the clients for his sexual benefit.

Over the weekend police learned that three individuals under the care of Sanctuary Inc. were sexually abused by Nededog an in-house resident.

While GPD indicated that there are three victims, the court magistrate complaint only identifies two victims.

The first incident occurred in April as the victim (identified as A.H.) was getting ready to sleep in the living room. A.H. told police that Nededog approached her and began to hug and touch her body.

He then led her into his bedroom and began to force himself on her. According to court documents, Nededog told A.H., “you have to do the things I tell you to do,” before he threw her on the bed digitally penetrated and raped her.

17 days later Nededog allegedly raped the victim again in the garden where he told the victim, “I’m crazy, I have crazy mind, I’m a psycho, I have a sex problem and you better not say anything, you know what I’m gonna do.”

Four days later, in broad daylight the court complaint says Nededog grabbed A.H. by the arm and took her to the Sanctuary van where he raped her for a third time.

Two more instances of sexual assault were reported by the victim.

Meanwhile, another woman identified by the initials S.D. told police that Nededog had fondled her.

With the two victims coming forward and the abuse occurring on separate occasions in various parts of the facility, it raises several questions:

1. How could this happen?
2. How are residents housed and monitored?
3. Who was responsible for ensuring their safety?

“First of all let me first comment that this unfortunate situation is definitely unfortunate because we have been operation for 47 years doing good work in the community but unfortunately this situation happened and we are dealing with it,” stated the Director of Sanctuary Inc. Therese Arriola.

She says this did not happen at the children’s youth facility that sanctuary is known for.

“This happened at the young adult transitional shelter that we have in place. for the record Jay Nededog which the news is now name has been release. upon being charged a complaint being charged and him being taken in and booked and confined he was immediately terminated from our program. Because that is one of the things that they can not be in our program is a case against them,” said Arriola.

However, court documents indicate that Nededog was placed on pre-trial release in January for a misdemeanor case in which he is charged with family violence. In that case, he allegedly put his fist against his girlfriend’s face and threatened her.

While it remains unclear how Nededog was able to enter the program, we do know that
the Young Adult Transitional Shelter houses men and women together with each client assigned to individual rooms.

Arriola could not say how long Nededog resided with Sanctuary but she confirms that he is no longer a resident of Sanctuary.

With regards to monitoring she says Sanctuary has a lot of policies in place to ensure safety.

“Its unfortunate again that this happened even with many safeguards that it happened. we have staffing 24 hours a day. the only thing that Sanctuary is looking at because we have a zero tolerance for this for any kind of crime that happens at any one of our programs is just tighten the existing safeguards in place,” explained Arriola.

For example she shares room monitoring will be increased. The current policy indicates room checks every 15 minutes now that this has come to light she says perhaps that needs to be increased to every ten minutes. She also proposed installing cameras in the common areas.

“We are dealing with adults who come into a program who sign that they won’t do this or that there are a lot of house rules and unfortunately clearly those rules were broken.
What’s important to sanctuary today is making sure the victims are receiving the proper counseling that they deserve and that they should have and that’s taking place already,” stated Arriola.

Nededog was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct and fourth degree criminal sexual conduct.

He was booked and confined.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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