In the CNMI, 8 Democrats win House seats

CNMI Official Seal (PNC file photo)

The CNMI also held its general elections this week and final unofficial results show a significant edge for the Democrats this year after landing big wins in both the House and Senate.

Eight Democrats and their two Independent allies won seats in the CNMI’s 20-member House of Representatives. They also claimed a Saipan Senate seat that was last won by a Democrat in 2003, according to a report from the Pacific Island Times.

Meanwhile, the Republicans retained nine of the 13 House seats they won in 2018 while one Independent aligned with the GOP was also reelected.

At 10 seats each, this brings the Democrats on equal footing with Republicans in the CNMI House of representatives.

It was also a clear win for the current CNMI Delegate, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, an independent who ran unopposed in the election.

Sablan — while not a Democrat….has been known to caucus with the Democratic Party in the US House of Representatives. Sablan received more than 11,000 votes.

The CNMI has around 18,517 registered voters, according to the election commission and around 500 absentee ballots have yet to be received and counted as of election day Tuesday.

The Election Commission board will tabulate the absentee ballots on Nov. 17. No information about the voter turnout has been provided yet.