Inarajan church to put up 300 umbrellas as part of jubilee celebration

St. Joseph Church in Inarajan is one of the oldest churches on island. It is one of the historic sites on Guam. (file photo)

This year marks the 340th jubilee anniversary of Inarajan’s St. Joseph Church — one of the oldest churches on the island.

The church’s last jubilee was celebrated 40 years ago, but due to COVID-19, many of this year’s events had to be canceled.

But not even a pandemic can stop the church from honoring this tradition.

Inspired by the Umbrella Sky Project in Portugal, Father Joseph Anore, the church’s parochial administrator, says that the parish plans to decorate its parking lot with 300 umbrellas by September.

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“We have already bought the umbrellas. There are 8 colors. We are selling them for $35. They can personalize it if they want and they can put the names of their deceased loved ones and they can lend it to us for a Mass and we’ll hang them,” Fr. Anore said.

These umbrellas, along with paintings done by local artist Judy Flores, will be sold to publish a book commemorating the jubilee celebrations.

Father Anore adds that the church will also honor the event with Masses later this year and that the Vatican has granted the church with plenary indulgences.

“We continue to be mindful of the graces and blessings that God has given to us throughout the years. And that is precisely how blessed St. Joseph is through the years. And lastly, to celebrate the jubilee is a challenge on our part. Because we want to do, in our own time, what we can leave behind as our legacy to the next generation,” Fr. Anore said.

If you’re interested in buying an umbrella or a painting, call the office of the St. Joseph Church at 828-8102.