Inarajan Middle School Students Say They are Being Evacuated For Second Time Today


According to students at Inarajan Middle School they are being evacuated for second bomb threat today.

Guam – After the all clear was given for a bomb threat at the Inarajan Middle school students are now telling PNC that they are being evacuated again for a second time today due to another bomb threat. 


According to the students the second bomb threat was written on a wall. This story is developing. 


  1. It’s obvious that those who are responsible for the many bomb threats don’t have any consideration for the students and staff of the schools affected. They obviously have some type of grievance for all the years spent attending school but never succeeding. They aren’t the ones who are wanting to work hard in school so that they can have a secure job in the future. They’re probably angry that school to them was or is a complete waste of time. They wasted time in school and now what do they have to show for it? Maybe a Quest card and other government assistance but lack the skills necessary to find and keep a job. These cowards think that they’re outsmarting the police and fire personnel that have to report to the schools when there is a bomb scare. Do they realize that someone may be in dire need of of medical assistance or are victims of crimes? They’re selfish and filled with hate. I’m sick and tired about all these bomb scares and I’m sure the community is too. The only way to send a strong message is to apprehend these idiots and put them away for a long time.

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