Inconsistencies revealed in alleged plot to kill cop


Guam – Jeremiah Isezaki was accused of plotting to murder a police officer in 2012, court documents indicated that he and two other men enlisted the help of a minor girl to lure the officer to an undisclosed location in order to carry out the hit.  But there are several details in the court complaint that are not matching up with the testimony provided by the alleged “bait.”

Six years ago, the girl allegedly tasked with baiting GPD Officer Benny “Butch” Babauta was 17 years old, at least that is what the court complaint states.  But in court today it was revealed that she was not a minor at all.

In fact on the stand Janessa Corpuz indicated that she was actually 25 years old and that GPD had blown the entire ordeal “out of proportion.”

Corpuz stated under oath that once Officers Elizabeth Flickenger, MJ Raval and a third officer heard that Jeremiah Isezaki was involved he became a target and they were ready to “lock, load and suit up.”

Despite Corpuz repeatedly telling officers that at no time did Isezaki ever mention the word “kill and never threatened bodily harm” in reference to Officer Babauta.

On the stand she contended that Isezaki just wanted to set up Babauta to get him off the streets “to have him arrested,” because he believed that Babauta had planted the gun and drugs Isezaki was discovered with after police chased him down. Adding that Isezaki “wanted to prove his innocence.”

Corpuz further indicated that she was coerced and threatened by GPD and the Attorney General’s office in regards to her written statement and that she had tried to sort everything out in 2012 but they wouldn’t let her.

Corpuz testified that Officer Flickenger, yelled and pointed her finger at her saying, “What makes you think that he is not going to kill you after he kills officer Babauta?” She told the jury that this made her fear for her safety and the safety of her family.

Corpuz also indicated that her written statement was edited by GPD stating that she was instructed to add statements to her complaint.

According to Corpuz GPD was not the only one to bully her in the case, she alleges that the Attorney General’s office did the same.

Corpuz testified that Chief Prosecutor Basil O’Mallan was upset with her about the inconsistencies and threatened that they would arrest her for recanting her statement.

But according to Corpuz she was not recanting instead she was “trying to make things right.”

The bullying allegedly did not stop there, within the last year prior to her testimony she spoke with the Attorney General’s Investigator Anthony Blas who told her not to talk to the defense.

Corpuz stated that Blas told her, “It wouldn’t look good for you to talk to the defense because they are just going to use everything you say against you.”

Corpuz says she responded that “if this goes to trial the truth will come out I am not going to lie.”

According to Corpuz that truth is that “Isezaki never threatened to kill Officer Babauta.”

Trial continues tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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