Increased Power Bills Expected in November

Guam Power Authority (PNC file photo)

Ratepayers start paying closer attention to their power bills – as the PUC has voted last night to increase the fuel surcharge for GPA by around 32 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The average residential ratepayer who uses approximately 1000 kilowatt-hours with the current fuel surcharge or Levelized energy adjustment clause (LEAC) of .296 cents pays approximately $396.

With the newly adjusted rates, average residential ratepayers who use approximately 1000 kilowatt-hours will being to pay approximately $420 dollars.

PNC previously reported that the Guam Power Authority is estimated to be $41 million down since August.

PUC Chief Administrative Law Judge, Fred Horecky commented on this under-recovery saying

Horecky said, ” leaving the LEAC at 29 cents, in my mind, is not an option because it doesn’t do anything to recover the under-recovery it will be the same 41 million at the end of this LEAC period at the end of January. ”

Horecky added, that he opted into the .32 cent option because it would be more bearable for ratepayers, especially with the holiday season approaching.

This rate adjustment will last from November to January of next year when the PUC will deliberate on the next steps in regard to the LEAC.

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