Incumbent Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo Likely to Win Re-election According to Unofficial Results


Guam – It looks like the current Governor of Chuuk Johnson Elimo will remain as governor. This according to unofficial results of the Chuuk state election.


Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo and his running mate Rettis Heldart were running for re-election against two other teams.

After the initial election Elimo and Heldart had to have a runoff election against Alex Naruhn and Willie Williander.

According to the uncertified results of the runoff election Elimo and Heldart are in the lead with 13,627 votes while Naruhn and Williander have 11,678 votes. Robson Romolow of the FSM consul general’s office on Guam says that the results should be certified by early next week.

Once the votes are certified then the winner will swear-in early next month with an inauguration sometime in late July or early August.