AUDIO: Candidate for Guam Delegate, Johnathan Diaz, Resigning From UOG


Guam – The independent candidate for Guam Delegate, Jonathan Diaz says he is resigning from his job with the University of Guam’s TRIO program after being told that UOG’s legal counsel advised the University that Diaz was in violation of the Mini-Hatch Act.

On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning [Friday] Diaz announced that he was asked to resign saying “Today I will be submitting my resignation to the University of Guam.”


The TRIO program provides economic and educational assistance to disadvantaged students from Guam and Micronesia. Diaz has been a contract employee with that program.

Diaz said he does not believe he has violated the Mini-Hatch Act arguing that he has held a non-classified position and he is exempt from the Mini-Hatch Act prohibition barring GovGuam classified employees from running for political office.

However, Diaz said he is resigning “based upon the spirit of the law.”  But he was more blunt in a post on his blog about his resignation [see below].

Earlier this week Diaz came under fire for saying that incumbent Delegate Madeleine Bordallo should “undergo an independent medical assessment to rule out any psychological issues that may affect her job performance.”

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s campaign manager Clifford Guzman called Diaz’s remarks “uncalled for” and “offensive.” Democratic party Executive Director Carlo Branch said “If Mr. Diaz survives the qualifying primary he can feel free to challenge Congresswoman Bordallo to a debate. Until then he should be more respectful of a woman who has spent the past 30 years serving Guam.”

READ Candidate Johnathan Diaz’s blog posting below or on his on his blog site HERE

I’m being forced to resign from my job because it is a politically motivated action by all my haters on this island who, one way or another, refuse to hear the truth and who refuse to accept the fact that I’m an Independent Candidate for the Non-Voting Delegate Race of 2012.  After going for the two big shots and discrediting them all within the last two weeks, they have sent their Dogs to sniff me out and hunt for the easiest way to discredit me.  With swiftness I write in order that I can respond before this is all splattered in tomorrow’s news.  A good friend called me up and asked me some good questions.  I want to say thank you for being a friend and it is with swiftness that I write this blog to tell the people the truth.

I received an email from my boss stating that I have to resign by tomorrow, even though I have explained myself thoroughly to him and to my direct supervisors.  I respect my boss and I respect my co-workers, but I greatly respect the students who I have served and gotten to know over the last year.  Although I have been very ill treated (which I have shared with you all in my past posts), what has always been my reason for not filing anything against anyone was and is because of the students.  The student is perhaps the most important piece of the equation and I have learned, through my colleagues, that its not all about pays, but the services we provide.  Often times we become jaded because we are asked to do outrageous thing, have not received incremental pay while administrators do, but behind it all, we see the value of being present to the student who we were at one point in time.  Even though we may disagree from time to time, even though we may have differences of opinions, what keeps us sane is the fact that we love our jobs and we are darn good at it.  I’m going to miss my friends who I have come to know, their unique personalities, but it is with sadness that I leave you all for a higher purpose and calling.

Do I know who is up to this no-good?  Absolutely.  Can I say his name?  Absolutely not because I am the better person and there is nothing to cry about.

Saina Ma’ase!