Indigo Music Festival comes to Guam


Despite the weather – it looks as though the weekend will be full of music and fun – because the second year in a row, Indigo Music Festival is bringing in The Green and Bringing back Jboog along with other artists.

During this two day festival being held at the Paseo Stadium and hosted by Braddah Jeffrehhh, the community can also expect Fortunate Youth, Collie Buddz, The Elovaters, FIA, The Vitals, Johnny Suite, 56 Hope, Bok.Keyz, Hale, and Westafa as well as the after party featuring Mike Love and local artists, KPV and The Homies as well as Jonah Hanom.

Old and new fans can expect fan favorite songs, collaborations, and an overall unique experience with the artist’s heart and soul being up on that stage at the second annual indigo festival assured Fortunate Youth’s Dan Kelly.

Dan Kelly, Fortunates Youth’s Lead Vocalist says, “I think when we all gather around, no matter what life brings, it brings good things when you have good vibes and energy. A lot of us have gone all around the country just to get here so I don’t think anyone is going to leave anything behind , they’re going to give it all they got on that stage, just so they can deliver the best they can for anyone around, because we only have this one moment to shine and it is beautiful.”

Moreover, during the press conference held earlier today, artists in attendance shared that although life after the pandemic may not be how it used to be, they are more than happy to be finally back touring and performing at different shows and feeling the crowds’ love and energy for the music.

“Having COVID in a way was just an obstacle, we’re always faced with obstacles, no matter what career or what path you choose. It was one hell of an obstacle for us for two long years. it really made you appreciate the essence, the time that you are actually present on that stage and when you’re off the stage you give all that energy, the hugs, a lot more hugs, a lot more love than you really gave before, because for a moment your worst nightmare became true and you had to go through it, just to come right here in Guam today and I’m glad we all are here,” Kelly says.

The Elevators will now be playing on Saturday whereas The Vitals will be taking their set time later tonight.

Furthermore, to accommodate the change of artist, event goers who had purchased a one day pass for either Friday or Saturday may use their pass to enter the after party on Sunday at the Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort to see both bands perform once again.

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