Indonesian teen rescued near Guam after 49 days of being lost at sea


Guam – An Indonesian teen has become an overnight sensation following his remarkable rescue at sea. The boy was swept away from waters near his home country and then drifted some 2,300 miles all the way to Guam where he was found.

The Indonesian government has identified the teenager as Aldi Novel Adilang, a light guard for a floating fish trap.

In mid-July, Adilang’s floating fish trap was blown away by a hard wind and for 49 days, Adliang was trapped at sea, taking him through treacherous waters all the way to Guam.

According to various news reports, Adilang at first survived on a week’s worth of food but after that ran out, the teenager was able to stave off hunger by catching fish and drinking sea water. The resourceful Adilang burned wood after running out of gas to cook the fish he caught.

While trapped at sea, Adilang told authorities that as many as 10 ships passed him but none noticed him even as he tried vigorously to flag them down. It wasn’t until his 49th day lost at sea that his efforts to grab the attention of a passing ship paid off.  The Panama-flagged vessel M.V. Arpeggio spotted him on August 31st.

The Arpeggio then contacted the US Coast Guard Sector Guam via radio who told the Panama crew to meet them in Japan since the Coast Guard was on their way there.

From there, the Indonesia Consulate Office out of Osaka assisted the boy in getting him safely home to his family.

The extraordinary story of Adilang has been picked up by international media and the boy is now being recognized for his incredible story of survival.