Information on Grant Compliance Tampered With; State Clearinghouse Asks For Data to Prevent Loss of Millions


Guam – The Guam State Clearinghouse needs help recovering important information affecting millions of dollars in federal grant money. Upon arrival staff in the clearinghouse discovered much of the critical data that was supposed to be archived was either, missing, tampered with, or its access was restricted. Both electronic and physical records are affected. According to Chief Information Officer Ed Cruz, one critical piece of equipment, the former administrator’s government-issued laptop is still in his possession and has yet to be returned.

“If this information is not recovered, the Government of Guam, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding, or have fines assessed to them for missing deadlines or for noncompliance with grant guidelines,” Guam State Clearinghouse Administrator Eric Palacios said.

The Bureau of Information Technology, along with other government IT professionals have spent close to 48 hours assisting the clearinghouse with its efforts. But more help is needed. Both the clearinghouse and BIT cannot be sure how much data regarding these grants have been lost. Officials are contacting government agencies and non-profit organizations to ensure deadlines are not missed and compliance is maintained.

“I encourage anyone who has past or present grants from the prior administration, or pending grant applications to immediately contact or visit our office. In the meantime, our staff continues working diligently to ensure that none of this precious federal money is compromised,” Palacios said.

The Guam State Clearinghouse is asking anyone with information on pending, current, or future grants to call 475-9380 immediately.