Inland Builders sues GEDA over Guam Museum construction


Inland Builders is seeking $856,000 in damages caused by delays to the project.

Guam – A lawsuit filed against the Guam Economic Development Authority seems to shed more light on what may have added to the delays in the opening of the long-awaited Guam Museum.

The lawsuit was filed by Inland Builders, the construction company contracted by GEDA to build the Guam Museum. In their complaint, Inland Builders notes that the original contract amount was for $15.3 million but because of “delays which were the fault of GEDA,” Inland sought an additional compensation of $682,000 and an extension of 116 days to complete the project.

According to Inland’s complaint, what caused the delays were mostly due to design changes that forced Inland to procure different materials and a delay in waiting for a subcontractor because of the design changes. Inland also says that GEDA failed to retain a special inspector for the project.

Inland Builders is also seeking an additional $174,000 in liquidated delay damages for a total of $856,000 in damages.

GEDA has filed a motion to dismiss the case.

You can read both the complaint and motion by clicking on the files below.