DOC Inmate Arrested For Burglaries At 3 Schools


Guam – The Guam Police Criminal Investigations Division arrested Tommy Fejeran at the Department of Corrections today [Thursday] on 7 counts of  burglary. All of  the burglaries occurred at 3 different schools on island starting in January of this year.

The 3 schools that were burglarized were Untalan, P.C. Lujan and Carbullido.

DOC Director J.B. Palacios said that Fejeran was arrested after a fingerprint check matched  some prints found at the scene of  one of the schools that had been burglarized.

Guam Police Officer A.J. Balajadia says that Fejeran’s parole was revoked in January 2009 and that he has been incarcerated at the Department of Corrections ever since. 

Fejaran was a participant in DOC’s the work release program and had been working at the Barrigada Mayor’s Office.