Inmates to assist in village cleaning

Samantha Brennan has voluntarily resigned as director of the Department of Corrections.

The Department of Corrections plans to formalize an agreement with the Mayors’ Council of Guam for a Community Corrections Project which allows inmates to assist in various village-wide maintenance and cleaning projects.

DOC director Samantha Brennan discussed the draft MOU with the mayors during a roundtable this week.

According to Brennan, the memorandum of understanding would not only clarify the expected responsibilities of each party, it would also protect the mayors’ council against liabilities.

Under the program, DOC inmates who participate can get credit for their service. She also said that the department is working on a separate MOU with DPR for park maintenance.

“It is currently ongoing, we do service to some of the mayors at the village. They ask us for some assistance and we are very, very glad to help. If you can just send me an email we could put you in our calendar. One of the things in this MOU is to work with each village mayor to get everybody a sign off individually. So that we can move forward and stuff. It is also going to protect yourselves and ourselves from any liability. That is one of the things that we wanted to do so,” Brennan said.

While the MOU formalizes the partnership between the council and corrections, Angel Sablan, MCOG executive director said that the arrangement has worked well over the years.

He also said the program provides an incentive for the inmates to return back to the community.