Inmates who were let out of their cells charged with Meno’s attempted murder


Jeremiah Isezaki and Albert Babauta Santos were among those let out of their jail cells the day Justin Meno was found hog-tied and badly beaten.

Guam – Arrests have finally been made in the Justin Meno assault case at the Mangilao prison compound. Two inmates, Jeremiah Isezaki and Albert Babauta Santos, are now facing attempted murder charges.

Meno was found hogtied and unconscious on the morning of March 29 at the yard of the Post 6 unit which is a maximum security unit housing some of the Department of Corrections’ worst criminals. Post 6 is supposed to be on lockdown 23 hours a day and prisoners are only let out for an hour at a time on a staggered basis.

But on March 29, several inmates were let out of their jail cells to assist with cleaning up a sewage back up flooding the east wing. Internal Affairs investigation reports indicate the sewage backup was intentional.


According to a magistrate report, Meno had been moved several times because of his behavior before finally being sent to Post 6. When officers found Meno, the report states that they initially thought that he was dead; and at the hospital, doctors told officials that Meno would probably not survive or at the very least he would be in a vegetative state because of the severity of the brain damage. However, after coming out of surgery and spending several weeks in the ICU, Meno eventually regained consciousness.

Police say when they interviewed Meno several weeks after the incident, he was able to identify his attackers by nodding at a photo lineup of prisoners, based on a narrowed-down list of those who were let out of their cells the day Meno was nearly killed.

“Victim nodded his head yes to two of the pictures. These two individuals were Albert Babauta Santos and Jeremiah Isezaki,” the magistrate report states.

Isezaki and Santos are now facing charges of attempted murder as a first degree felony and aggravated assault as a second degree felony. According to the report, Isezaki turned himself into police on Wednesday but denied any involvement in Meno’s beating.


Santos is being held on $100,000 cash bail while a summons has been issued to Isezaki who has yet to appear before a judge in this case.