Inside Calvo-Trump’s Air Force One huddle

Photo courtesy Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg, via Office of the Governor of Guam.

In this Pacific News Center on-site exclusive, President Trump touches down on Andersen Air Force Base for a chat with Gov. Calvo aboard Air Force One Wednesday morning.

Guam – The fuel stop came on the heels of America’s historic peace summit with North Korea. In an on-scene exclusive, PNC debriefed Calvo straight out of his meeting with the Commander in Chief. And the Governor was awestruck!

Roused from sleep after midnight Wednesday morning, Calvo was called by the White House at the last second to meet with the President on his high-tech jet. Trump was flying to Guam straight from his historic, hatchet-burying peace summit with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. And he needed to talk with the governor of Guam.

“I think most of the White House was anticipating him sleeping, so they told us it wouldn’t be necessary to come over here,” Calvo said.

“But, knowing our president, I guess he took them by surprise. So, I was awoken by the White House this morning saying, ‘Sir, could you get to the Andersen?’ So…we went up over there and had a nice opportunity to sit down with him, had a selfie taken, we had our pictures taken.”

Yes, the Eagle had landed. President Donald J. Trump whisking in to top off the tank and host a quick meet and greet with the island’s top elected official. The significance of Guam in all of this is that a large contingency of forces participating in the annual regional military exercises with South Korea, emerge out of Andersen Air Force Base, where the local bomber fleet participates in simulations that North Korea considers a threat.

For now Trump has declared that all annual US joint military exercises with South Korea shall cease, to deescalate multilateral tensions and get Guam off North Korea’s nuclear hit list. The President is even considering pulling approximately 30,000 American troops out of the South side of the Korean peninsula. The dramatic shift towards a hands-off US policy with the North came suddenly when Trump met with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for a declaration of détente on Tuesday at a hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

How dramatically relations have improved in less than a year! Team PNC arrived in full force at Andersen this morning, and News Director Janela Carrera caught an exclusive interview with an ecstatic governor just off Air Force One with President Trump.

CARRERA:  “Where did you guys meet? Was it on Air Force One?”

CALVO:  “Air Force One!”

CARRERA: “Inside of Air Force One?”

CALVO: “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go into Air Force  One.”

CARRERA: “It’s off your bucket list.”

GOVERNOR: “Now it’s off my bucket list!”

“For me it’s heartwarming because the President said how important was it for him to come here and visit with me and stop by Guam,”Calvo said. “One of the questions he asked, of course, was ‘what was the sentiment of the people?’ And I said, ‘well, there’s about 165,000 people that have taken a big sigh of relief.’

“And I told him it’s nothing short of a miracle that ten months ago, you know, there was the leader of North Korea, that was making pronouncements of nuclear annihilation of our island, and now we have ten months later a document paving the way, that’s signed by both, for peace and denuclearization.”

Summing it up, Gov. Calvo told PNC that President Trump is “a very down-to-earth, straight up kinda fella.”