Inter-island travel requirements within the CNMI clarified

CNMI Official Seal (PNC file photo)

After getting multiple conflicting reports about mandatory health clearance forms being required by Star Marianas from inter-island passengers within the CNMI, the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force and the carrier have both released statements clearing the air on the issue.

Star Marianas operates inter-island flights within the CNMI and according to reports, the carrier started enforcing a strict health clearance requirement for all passengers several weeks ago.

But according to the CNMI Governor’s Office, the only directive regarding a health clearance form is specifically for quarantined travelers entering the CNMI and whose ultimate destination is Tinian or Rota.

They also made it clear that there has been no public directive that requires travelers that are already within the CNMI to present a health clearance form prior to inter-island travel.

Star Marianas management also issued a statement, saying that the airline is not requiring passengers to present any health screening or clearance document prior to inter-island travel. But for the safety of its passengers and crew members, the airline is requesting all passengers to wear a face-covering or mask at all times when onboard the aircraft.