Interested Bidders Turn In Proposals to Renovate SSHS

The proposals from interested bidders to renovate Simon Sanchez High School and patch up the rest of the Department of Education schools were due today at 4 pm.

Guam – Department of Public Works Deputy Director Felix Benavente says after they receive the offers, they will then pass them on to the selection committee whose chairman is none other than the GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez. Benavente says he can’t give a timeline for the selection process or give a Notice to Proceed date, but he did say that whoever the contract is awarded to, they will have only two years to complete the project.


Benavente explains that the selection and negotiation stages are not as simple as it seems. He says, “So those are two givens: $100 million dollars and two years. Here’s how the procurement process works. They’re rated in a rating system and then the number one rated would be notified then you go into negotiations and after successful completion of the negotiations, then you arrive at a Notice to Proceed date and you issue that date for them to begin work.”

Just a month ago at an oversight hearing for GDOE, DPW told lawmakers that the renovations for Simon Sanchez High School, at the best scenario, would begin in December 2016.