Interested Vendors Inspect Simon Sanchez High School to Fix Up the Dilapidated Campus


Government of Guam officials gave interested vendors an inspection of Simon Sanchez High School yesterday morning so they can come up with proposals to fix up the dilapidated campus.

Guam – A pre-proposal conference and an inspection was held so that the interested bidders can take a first-hand look of what kind of work needs to be done.


The long-awaited $100-million dollar Request for Proposal to reconstruct Sanchez and to patch up the other public schools on island was published about three weeks ago. 

Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez told PNC that with the near shutdown of Sanchez in 2013, he’ll leave it up to the vendors to decide whether a new Sanchez should be built or whether they should try and salvage the existing facility. However, it states in the RFP that whatever construction the bidders are planning on doing, it should not result in campus closure, double session or any utility service disruption.

Department of Public Works Director Glenn Leon Guerrero says about five bidders joined them for the school inspection and he says the vendors can now formulate questions and submit them to the department by July 24th.