Interim agreement on military training submitted

Guam State Historic Preservation Officer Patrick Lujan said his office is trying to preserve what appears to be a Latte Period burial site that was discovered at the Dededo base. (PNC file photo)

The current programmatic agreement on military training and testing between the government and the Department of Defense will lapse this month. But according to officials, an interim agreement has already been submitted.

During an informational hearing this week at the legislature, Guam State Historic Preservation Officer Patrick Lujan and other officials reported on the status of the 2015 Marianas Islands Training and Testing Area, or the MITT.

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Lujan said the government is working on several changes to the document to fill up the gaps identified in the current version of the agreement.

“We’ve basically taken the exact language from the 2009 agreement to buy us time into a 6-month interim programmatic agreement. It’s pretty much an extension of the existing while we work on the new one,” Lujan said.

The MITT covers several activities that will occur within Guam’s lands and waters, including training for air and amphibious warfare and scientific research.

Lujan said they are hoping to complete the final agreement before June 2020.