International Women’s Day


March 8 has been the fixed date for International Women’s Day since 1914 and today, we celebrate it.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more on this story…

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Last Friday, a proclamation was signed for women’s history month which theme is providing healing and promoting hope with regards to the pandemic and how it affected women.

Every year, the women’s club, which consists of many nonprofit organizations that help uplift island women while continuing to promote equality and provide scholarships for women, gather together to help find solutions, give opportunities,and help women.

Recently, the 36th Guam Legislature has signed a resolution for international women’s day, whose theme is to break the bias followed by a wave by the Tamuning mayor’s office.

In continuing the fight for women’s rights, a fair grant was received by the US department of labor and now the Guam women’s affairs are in the process of developing a program for pay equity and equity in general.

During the formation of the program, they will go out and talk to the women in our community and find out what needs to be done and what the program should focus on.

On top of that, they will create PSA’s that will specifically target men on the island The PSA’s will talk about. domestic violence, sexual assualt, human trafficking, and how to practice safe sex.

On Guam, many people, especially women have reported cases of domestic violence, but most have gone unnoticed.

According to Jayne Flores, Women already know about this topic and have probably experienced it at a higher rate than men, not to say that men haven’t experienced it as well.

The White House is due to address International Women’s Day later tonight.