Investigation in July Results in Double Homicide

Guam Police Department (PNC file photo)

Dongyi Wang, and Ba-Hung Dung Nguyen, the two men who are the center of the July homicide investigation, are the causes for each other’s death.

PNC previously reported, that on July 22, two lifeless bodies were located on a driveway in a Yigo residence.

Both victims, died as a result of Gunshot wounds according to GPD.

Person’s of interest, Donicio Angui and Toshy Salvador were located by Criminal Investigation Section Detectives and their statements provided evidence that was crucial to the investigation.

According to GPD, the evidence collected revealed that an altercation between the victims moments before the shooting, and that both victims were able to arm themselves and shot each other.

GPD says that although the case remains under investigation, there are no additional suspects to two killings.