Untalan Principal Mesa Reassigned After Complaint Over Treatment of Special Needs Student


Guam- Principal Eleuterio Mesa has been removed from Untalan Middle School and temporarily assigned to the central office of the Department of Education (DOE).

According to Deputy Superintendent Arlene Unpingco, Mesa was removed following a parent complaint that is being investigated by education officials. Unpingco couldn’t comment further because the matter is under investigation. However, PNC has learned the complaint stems from a special needs student being placed in the school office because of a lack of one-to-one aides.

“In this case, there was a parent complaint that warranted the department to conduct an investigation” said Unpingco. “So there is an ongoing investigation and that’s the reason why the school principal was temporarily assigned to central office.”

Unpingco adds she hopes to have the investigation completed in 2 weeks or less.