Aggravated assault on a police officer complaint filed in patrol car ramming incident

Guam Police Department (PNC File photo)
Release from GFD Sgt. Paul Tapao

The person who rammed their car into a patrol car occupied by 2 police officers  is now facing an Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer complaint.

It happened last Wednesday in the parking lot of the Central Precinct Command in Sinajana.

In a news release Friday GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao provided further details about what led up to the ramming.

At 10:18 a.m. June 24 a woman went to the precinct to file a stalking complaint against her estranged boyfriend.

While at the precinct, she flagged down a marked patrol cruiser that was motoring within the parking and informed the officers of the situation.

The officers went to question a man who was operating a blue BMW within the parking lot. For unknown reasons, the BMW accelerated towards the marked patrol cruiser and struck it.

The BMW then fled from the parking lot and onto Route 4, where the BMW collided with a Toyota Highlander that was traveling northbound on Route 4, Sinajana.

Sgt. Tapao previously reported that a person of interest has been identified and they are looking for him. No name or description of the person was given in the most recent release issued Friday.