Investigation Still Ongoing for DOC Murder Incident

Department of Corrections (PNC file photo)
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Robert Camacho, Director of the Department of Corrections opened with, “It’s still ongoing. The interviews have been conducted. The individual has been arrested and charged.”

In an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo – DOC Director, Robert Camacho, gave details on DOC’s murder incident.

As PNC previously reported, MB Koto is charged with the murder of fellow DOC inmate Cesar Dizon.

Before the incident, both the victim and assailant were pending parole review. The pair were in Post 24, previously known as the Community Corrections Center, which housed minimum security inmates.

Those within Post 24 were allowed access to controlled items and tools such as saws and hammers to name a few.

Camacho says that DOC is looking into how Koto gained access to the murder weapon. He said, “We found he was the most likely suspect. He admitted to it. He pointed us to the lockers. The locker in which we found the serrated butter knife.”

When asked why Koto committed the crime while pending parole, Camacho says that there are multiple factors, such as mental health.

On the topic of any issues that the Dizon and Koto might have had or any motive that could have caused the murder – Camacho says that they have yet to identify any.

This incident has prompted DOC to look inwards, such as within their policies, for any changes to prevent issues like this from happening again in the future.

Camacho added, ” that’s what we’re doing right now. Going through all these different factors. Seeing what’s the best thing and how to improve on it. With every single incident, we say ‘Ok, fix the facility. Do whatever it is. Change the policy. Add more manpower.”

The Director also gave details on DOC’s precautionary measures as well.

He said, “We had to remove a lot of the metals there so they don’t use it as shanks or pull it out or use it as a weapon.”

He added, “We do a lot of that [enlisting Customs for canine searches]. We also have a sort team who does cell inspections and we get the entire platoon to do a shakedown of the facility. We do drug testing, constantly all around. So again, we’re doing the best we can. And I have to hand it to many of the officers standing firm. We have a good team. They’re doing their best with what resources they have available.”

The investigation is currently ongoing.

Furthermore, a DOC Officer is under investigation but as of broadcast, no one was placed on administrative leave.

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