IP&E Brings In First Shipment of ULSD


Guam – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is now available on Guam thanks to Isla Petroleum & Energy or IP&E



Today IP&E announced the arrival of the first shipment of ultra low sulfur diesel or ulsd. ULSD is a cleaner form of diesel that has been required by the US EPA for years. Guam however has been given a waiver by the US EPA for years. Recently local lawmakers passed a law requiring that Guam catch up to federal standards. IP&E is the first company to begin bringing this cleaner fuel to Guam. IP&E president Eloy Lizama said, “This shipment of ULSD is an important statement of IP&E’s commitment to fueling excellence and the products we provide and in our stewardship of the environment.” ULSD will lower sulfur emissions by 99 percent. IP&E recently purchased the assets and the license to sell Shell products on Guam, Saipan and Palau.