IP&E Now Offering Low Sulfur Diesel


Guam – Isla Petroleum and Energy Company LLC (IP&E) today initiated the sale of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel at the Upper Tumon service station.  ULSD will lower sulfur emissions by over 99%, an impressive reduction.  This will not only mean cleaner air but also fewer corrosive engine deposits, and better performance for Guam customer’s vehicles.  Diesel engines using IP&E ULSD will start faster and will require fewer oil changes.  Industry representatives including, Joey Crisostomo, President of Cars Plus, Craig Thompson, President of Marianas Cablevision and Bruce Kloppenburg, President of Kloppenburg Enterprises met to fuel their vehicles for the first time with ULSD heralding cleaner air and more efficient engine performance for buses, trucks, heavy equipment and diesel powered passenger cars.

Eloy Lizama, COO of IP&E stated, “This is the beginning of a cleaner Guam, and a better fuel solution for industry as we prepare for the buildup. Our company will continue to be responsible stewards of the environment and we pledge to continue working with the community as it grows. We believe in supporting sustainable development and a better future for Guam.”

Former Senator and new external affairs advisor for the Calvo Administration Telo Taitague, author of Public Law 30-184, was also in attendance and commented, “I am pleased that IP&E is leading the way toward a cleaner, greener Guam. This represents our island making real progress toward a more modern, sustainable future. I’d also like to thank the businesses that are taking part in leading the way toward environmental sustainability.”

IP&E Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is now available at 15ppm at Shell stations in Yigo, Dededo, Harmon, Tumon and Hagatna and will soon be available at Shell Chalan Pago, Barrigada and Toguac NCS.