IP&E Now Offering Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel On Guam


Guam – Isla Petroleum & Energey company or IP&E is now offering Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or U.L.S.D.



 As you may recall U.L.S.D was not offered on Guam previously even though many of the newer large trucks, vehicles, and heavy equipment required it. Through legislation authored by former senator Telo Taitague and the urging of businesses like Cars Plus, Marianas Cablevision and Kloppenburg enterprises it is now available at 15 parts per million at Shell stations in Yigo, Dededo, Harmon, Tumon, and Hagatna. “The efforts of everyone especially IP&E to see the need for this ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is a result of everyone’s efforts coming together and yes it’s like a baby and I want to ensure that we stay on course about protecting our environment,” said Taitague.

 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is a cleaner form of diesel that meets all federal standards and lowers sulfur emissions by 99.7% resulting in cleaner air for everyone.