I*Recycle Awards $24.4K to Participating Schools


Guam -The Guam Business Partners for Recycling, under the project i*recycle, disbursed $24,410.04 to participating schools for their aluminum can recycling efforts.  Since the program started in 2007, the program has generated $130,554.07 in funds to local schools.

The i*recycle program creates a standard system of recycling aluminum cans throughout the island on a consistent basis.  There are a total of forty-two satellite bins that are placed at public and private schools.  Proceeds from the aluminum cans go back to the school where the cans are collected.    The disbursements to the schools were determined by the volume of cans each school had collected.

George Washington High School is the top earning school this round and will receive a check for $1408.80.00.  Top-earning schools are:

McCool Elementary/Middle School                                        $ 1362.00
Merizo Elementary                                                                 $ 1314.88
John F. Kennedy High School                                                $ 1208.05
Simon Sanchez High School                                                  $ 1195.13
St.John’s                                                                                 $   939.20
Carbullido Elementary                                                            $   771.91
Agana Heights Elementary                                                     $   751.36
Price Elementary                                                                    $   751.36
San Vicente Catholic School                                                  $   751.36
Santa Barbara                                                                         $   751.36     


[ L- R: Sharleen Marchesseault, Glimpses Advertising; Patricia Salas, Bank of Guam; Mark Sablan, South Pacific Petroleum Company; Peggy Denney, i*recycle program administrator; Marcos Fong, Coca-Cola/Foremost/Subway; Bernadette Valencia, Matson and Audrey Brownfield, Matson.]

Peggy Denney, Program Administrator, and members of Guam Business Partners for Recycling presented checks to participating schools at an event held in the main pavilion of Ypao Beach Park Saturday, September 29.

Denney comments, “We import over 80 million aluminum cans a year to Guam and yet only a fraction of those cans are being collected for recycling through the i*recycle program. We can all be doing so much more.  Thank you to all the schools for encouraging our families to collect our aluminum cans at home, family fiestas and at work.  By continuing to encourage this type of community involvement we can make greater progress towards recycling 100% of the cans we generate.

Support of the i*recycle program continues to grow.  With the support of the students and community, we are able to raise awareness as to how recycling benefits all of us and helps protect our beautiful island home.  We are proud of the participating schools and congratulate them for their continued hard work and dedication to recycling.”

Participation in the i*recycle program is easy and simply requires the ongoing effort from the schools’ communities with bins located on their campuses.  The faster the bins are filled, the faster the schools will receive their earned money for recycling aluminum cans.   Cans can also be dropped off at Pyramid Recycling in Harmon and will be credited to the school of choice.

Guam Business Partners for Recycling began the program to educate and promote recycling on an island-wide level.  The GBPR’s plan utilizes private, public and DODEA  schools as sites for aluminum can recycling bins, giving access for the entire community to recycle all over the island.

To learn more about the i*recycle program and how you can become involved, contact Peggy Denney, Program Administrator at (671) 483-9415 or visit www.irecycleguam.org.