IRS Agents on Guam to Assist Partners in Tax Law Enforcement


The training was held at the US Attorney’s Office yesterday. Several local and federal agencies were involved.

Guam – While we now head into the tax season, and as financial related crimes are on the rise on Guam, IRS agents are on island to provide some training and guidelines to local partners in the enforcement of tax fraud and identity theft-related laws.


A training was held today at the US Attorney’s Office with local and federal law enforcement partners involved, including representatives from the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

As the federal partner in overseeing enforcement of tax laws, the IRS is crucial in providing assistance and guidance to Rev and Tax, which oversees the local enforcement of tax laws.

Teri Alexander, IRS special agent in charge for Guam, says the IRS is a highly specialized unit with over 2,600 agents all over the US, two of whom are on island.

Rev and Tax Criminal Tax Investigator Carolyn Aguon Rivera says the agency welcomes any help they can get.

“This is not so uncommon here and we know that in speaking with the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation, the IRS, it is a situation we also know the Attorney General’s Office locally is working to address. So again we’re all partnering together, we’re working together to try to raise awareness within our own law enforcement community,” says US Attorney Alicia Limtiaco.

In addition, the partners encourage residents who may be victims of tax-related crimes of identity theft to visit for information on how to file a complaint.

Guam residents can also call their Honolulu number at 808-566-2950 for assistance.