Is the “Guam Killer” Missile Just Media Hype?


Guam – The internet has been abuzz with the news of a Chinese missile that has been dubbed the “Guam Killer” but is this something we should really be worried about or is it all being blown out of proportion? We spoke with University of Guam Political Science Professor Dr. Michael Stoil to find out. Stoil has worked for both the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.


 “The Guam Killer is the DF-25 intermediate range ballistic missile it’s been in service in China since 2010. There are rumors that they’ve tried to sell it to Saudi Arabia to replace Saudi Arabia’s intermediate range ballistic missile,” said Dr. Stoil. The UOG poli-sci professor says this missile that has been dubbed as the “Guam Killer” can carry up to three independently targeted conventional warheads which means it hit targets about 1500 miles away. It is also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. “But the Chinese have had the capability of having a rocket carry a nuclear warhead even to the United States for about 15 years so that’s not a new development,” said Dr. Stoil.

 What is new is that this missile functions more like a cruiser missile which means it doesn’t have to enter into earth’s orbit like ICBM’s which in turn means it gets to targets faster and can steered mid-flight. Although the missile can reach Guam Dr. Stoil says this is not it’s main purpose. “Probably what it’s designed for as far as the Chinese are concerned is not to target a stationary target like Guam but to target a carrier group,” said Dr. Stoil.

So how and why did it get named the “Guam Killer”? “When the missile the DF-25 was revealed openly to the press in February the Chinese news service described it in it’s release as being able to hit targets throughout near east Asia and the Pacific including U.S. facilities on Guam but that was simply a description of it’s capabilities it wasn’t a description of what it was intended to do,” explained Dr. Stoil. “So other media dubbed it the Guam killer? U.S. media dubbed it the Guam killer?” asked PNC.  “That’s correct and I believe there was one Chinese source which referred to it as the Guam buster or something like that,” replied Dr. Stoil. Dr. Stoil says China has had this missile for at least four years and he says the only thing that’s new is that they have allowed the press to photograph it. He says the story of this missile was given to the press in order to show that they have the capability of reaching India as the announcement of the Chinese missile came on the heals of the announcement by India that is has a new missile that can reach China.