Is there a link between Tuesday’s Tamuning shooting and last year’s Mangilao shooting?

The victims discovered an unknown type of projectile damage to the right rear quarter panel area of their vehicle.

The car drive-by shooting in Tamuning on Tuesday appears to share some similarities with the drive-by shooting involving Katarina Pitto last November. However, police are unable to give a definite confirmation, saying that both investigations are still active.

The drive-by shooting in Tamuning, according to police, occurred at around 11:45 in the morning and involved a vehicle opening fire on another vehicle on Governor Carlos Camacho Road. The victims reported traveling north, passing Shirley’s restaurant when they heard a loud bang.

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According to GPD Spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao, the victims noted a silver Toyota Corolla with dark tint that passed them and was traveling at a high rate of speed in the median lane.

“This may have drawn suspicion, we are still actively looking out for this vehicle. The victims discovered an unknown type of projectile damage to the right rear quarter panel area of their vehicle,” Tapao said.

A similar vehicle was described in the Pagat drive-by shooting involving Katarina Pitto in November 2019. Pitto was driving home after picking up her cousin from work after 1 in the morning when she heard a loud bang. Her car was riddled with bullet holes.

She stated she has never seen the vehicle before describing the suspect vehicle as having dark tint and possibly a Toyota sedan.

The motives for both shootings are unknown, Pitto previously stating she believes it was random. That case remains open and no arrests have been made. This raises the question, is there a connection?

“We can’t confirm that. We are focusing right now on this incident that happened yesterday. We can’t confirm if there is any relationship between what happened in Mangilao. We are solely focused on this incident that happened yesterday in Tamuning along Governor Camacho Road,” Tapao said.

He added: “We are asking the community members who may have been in the general vicinity. Somebody may have seen something strange or unusual within the intersection of Farenholt Avenue or Governor Carlos Camacho. You may have critical information that can aid our investigation. If you do, please call our dispatchers at 472-8911 or submit a tip online and you can remain anonymous at,” Tapao said.

The victims in the Tamuning shooting did not suffer any injuries. In Pitto’s case, she was hospitalized for multiple gunshot wounds.


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