Isezaki: “I will tell the truth and I am in fear for my life”


Guam – What was supposed to be a hearing for a motion to withdraw as legal counsel turned in a different direction as one of the 9 men implicated in the murder of DOC Detainee Manson Ernest declared that he will cooperate with the government despite it putting his life at risk.

Jeremiah Isezaki was visibly distraught and could not contain himself after Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola informed him that co-defendant Jimmy Moses Hadley has accepted a plea deal with the government which would require Hadley to testify against the co-actors.

Isezaki proclaimed to the court that he wants to fully cooperate with the government in the case.

“I will tell the truth and I am in fear for my life because I am cooperating, but I will tell the truth nothing but the truth,” he declared.

Isezaki is indicted on charges of solicitation to murder and conspiracy to murder in the death of DOC detainee Manson Ernest.

He has undergone a very difficult time over the last week following his mother’s recent passing and family issues which apparently has led him to an emotionally charged assertion to the court.

“I don’t care about how I look my wife just got raped my mom just died, let justice prevail, let justice work, that’s all I am asking,” expressed Isezaki.

In the streets and in prison there is a code and if you live by that code it dictates remaining silent if not the person who speaks is labeled a “snitch.” And as the saying goes, “snitches get stitches.” Making the claim that he fears for his life valid.

Judge Sukola reassured Isezaki that she would do what she can to make sure that he is protected.

“The only protection for me your honor is on the streets because I am a gang member and I am a part of the prison gang and I want to go home,”responded Isezaki.

Currently before the court is a motion to modify release condition. However Isezaki also has two other cases in local court and one case in District Court. The motion calls for a modification to his release so that he may begin accrue time for credit served in his federal case.

Isezaki has been in the system for many years and it appears that his personal family issues have brought him to this point.

“And I am tired of this and I want justice to prevail, I want to take a deal and I want to go home to my wife I am the only one she has left she can’t hug another man. I just want tog go to her I don’t want to hurt nobody. I just want to go to her because she needs me. I want justice to prevail please,” exclaimed Isezaki.

While he intends to fully cooperate with the government he did have a questioned for them.

“Please how are you going to snake somebody like that man misconduct how are you going to stick me in there man? I don’t hate nobody I don’t hate you,” said Isezaki.

Judge Sukola was compassionate in hearing his pleas and attempting to calm him down stating,”boy I hear you okay.”

“Your honor I want justice to work. How much am I going to take. I beat up people in my past but I never did something sick. I would never do something sick to your family. They will never take me away for something sick,” he responded.

As the Marshal led him away he proclaimed, “I will kill for your family too if I see it man”

Before exiting the court room Judge Anita Sukola let an emotional Isezaki embraced his wife and after a few seconds Isezaki’s last words to the court were, “No disrespect I just want justice to prevail.”

The next hearing is scheduled for May 7th at 130.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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