Ishizaki tapped to replace Brennan at DOC

Governor Leon Guerrero appointed Ishizaki Acting DOC director last week. He takes over from Samantha Brennan who resigned on Nov. 22.
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Governor Lou Leon Guerrero this afternoon introduced Frank Ishizaki as the new director of the Department of Corrections.

He brings a wealth of experience to the job but the challenges remain great.

“Effective today I am appointing former senator Frank Ishizaki to serve as acting director of the Department of Corrections pending confirmation by the members of our 35th Guam Legislature,” the governor said.

Applause welcomed Ishizaki to the thankless task of DOC director. He is a former FBI agent, a former Guam senator, a former chief of the Guam Police Department and a former DOC director.

“I guess I started life as a boy scout. If somebody needs help I step up and do that. Corrections, this is my second run at corrections. As far as the first thing I’m going to do, I’m going to follow the governor’s script because she has outlined important things to be done,” Ishizaki said.

“And one of the biggest problems right now is staffing. And the governor sees and understands that So we’re going to push to implement the additional resources that are direly needed,” Ishizaki said.

Ishizaki replaces Samantha Brennan who resigned last week three days after acting Department of Corrections deputy director Joseph Carbullido issued a memo to all prison staff, advising them that he would now be in charge of all prison operations.

“Deputy Carbullido has already written a memo. I have no reason to rescind or change that. We’re going to follow that. We have multiple things we’ve gotta do,” Ishizaki said.

Joseph Carbullido, Acting Deputy DOC Director, when asked if the mood at DOC has improved, answered: “From what I can see right now, I think everyone is still wanting to know more about the director that is coming in. So that’s yet to come and we’ll see when that time comes. That’s work in progress.”

The Governor and Ishizaki plan on joining Carbullido for a meeting with the command staff Wednesday morning to introduce the new director. Ishasaki must still be confirmed by the legislature.