Ishizaki Never Left GPD; Was Appointed Deputy Chief Before Stepping Down as Acting Chief


Guam – It turns out that former Acting Police Chief Frank Ishizaki never left the Guam Police Department after all.
In a surprise announcement from the Governor’s Office Friday it was revealed that on September 21st, one day before Ishizaki’s 90-day appointment as Acting Chief expired, he was appointed Deputy Police Chief.

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Ishizaki said at the time that he did not want to go through the confirmation process so he was stepping aside to return full time to his duties as Homeland Security Advisor.

The Governor appointed Rick Leon Guerrero to take over as Acting Chief. There was no indication at that time that Ishizaki had in fact not left the Department. There has been no explanation from the Governor’s Office why his appointment as Deputy was kept secret.

The Deputy Chief’s position had been vacant since former Deputy Chief  Bob Camacho left GPD to take over as Chief of the Airport Police. Guam Police Spokesman A.J. Balajadia said the Deputy Chief  has “Direct line authority over the Support Bureau and he also directs, supervises and ensures coordination of the staff, except for those specific areas reserved for the Chief.”

Ishizaki will not have to face confirmation as Deputy Chief.  He will also continue to serve as Homeland Security Advisor in conjunction to his duties as Deputy Police Chief.