Isn’t it inconsiderate to have patrons wait outside in the sun?

Long line at Rev & Tax (PNC file photo)

By Ron Batimana

Something to ponder, I know that with the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clinics and other public places have resorted to limiting patrons inside their establishments.

But isn’t it rude or at least inconsiderate to have patrons wait outside in the sun, filling out paperwork when knowing that they have a more proficient way to get things done?

My wife, after I dropped her at a doctor’s office, had to wait and fill documents outside the building in the hot sun because they didn’t have enough seats outside. Do you think this is fair or proper?

And also DMV Guam, for YEARS, has always managed to care for thousands of patrons A DAY, and now because of “COVID-19” they can only take care of 1 per hour (it seems like).

I feel they are really taking ADVANTAGE of this situation to finally not work as hard! Businesses should be monitored and be accounted for, and find a way to make sure they are not taking advantage, especially government agencies.

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