IT&E Shoots Down ‘Erroneous’ Reports


IT&E is shooting down ‘erroneous’ reports regarding the life expectancy of its undersea cable between the CNMI and Guam. 


Guam – IT&E CEO Jim Oehlerking says, “The undersea cable has been in operation for the last 18 years, and according to industry experts is expected to last an additional 32 years with proper maintenance.” In a press release IT&E disputed previous media statements concerning the life expectancy of the undersea cable calling the statements ‘erroneous.’ According to IT&E, because of the short distance between Saipan, Tinian, Rota and Guam, the undersea cable utilizes a cable system that has two to three times the life expectancy of the industry standard cable system. IT&E is also dismissing claims that the recent undersea cable cut was related to the age of the cable. Rather, IT&E says the armored casing, which had previously been replaced in 2008, failed during the storm surge and became damaged by ‘pounding surf.’ IT&E says the total cost of the repair exceeded $2 million. The recent repair replaced and upgraded the armored casing and the fiber cable inside. IT&E also announced the signing of multi-year maintenance agreements with TE Subcom and Calpac to conduct annual inspections and maintenance on IT&E cable systems.