IT&E Unveils New Store in Agana Shopping Center


CEO Jim Oehlerking talks about the grand opening.

Guam – IT&E, one of Guam and Saipan’s main mobile carriers, is in the middle of streamlining their services for the region and today they unveiled their newly designed Agana Shopping Center location.


 IT&E says they changed the look as part of an effort to showcase their move to all wireless everything. For today, customers were able to receive 50 dollars off some of IT&E’s high end phones, 3 months free service as well as enter a drawing to win free crowns hats and t-shirts. The new design promises the customer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that is different from the traditional mobile stores on island right now. Executive director of customer service Rob Harrell and IT&E CEO Jim Oehlerking both attended the event.


“What we’ve done with the new Agana store is we are partnering with local artists and we are going to change out every month, this month we’ve had Lauren Perez come in, she’s done our design here and we also work with crowns, so we have some of their products showing in store today that we use them for raffles and as i said moving forward as part of our theme with Agana we are going to bringing in local artists every month,” said Rob Harrell.


IT&E CEO Jim Oehlerking also attended the event.


“Were looking to offer better flow for our customers and be able to serve them better, in a different light in a different environment and offer a better fuller product line here,” said Jim Oehlerking.