Italian citizen arrested for ATM tampering


Guam – Some suspicions are quelled. The island’s alleged ATM skimmer is in fact from overseas.

27-year-old Nicola Marinelli, an Italian national, has been taken into custody for allegedly planting skimming devices at two Bank of Guam automated teller machines.

Sources have confirmed that Marinelli, who has no local address, was spotted by Bank of Guam workers at the Pizza Hut in Tamuning last night. According to the same sources, the bank employees had been working on the case and happened to drop into the restaurant for dinner when they spotted the alleged skimmer. They had recognized him from a viral image that was circulating on social media over the last few days. The origins of the image are tied to surveillance footage released by the FBI from the first skimming incident.

Sources say Marinelli admitted to installing the skimmers on two of three ATMs that were discovered to have been tampered with — two at the Micronesia Mall and one at the Subway in Agat.

The Italian’s image was captured by the camera on the ATM located at the Micronesia Mall, but there has been no confirmation on whether the skimmers were found at both ATMs at the mall.

Sources would not confirm whether Marinelli was acting alone, or is part of a larger organization.