Izakaya at Tumon opens at Acanta Mall

Izakaya at Tumon owners James Eddington Jr. (right) and Gemini Eddington (left) pose for a souvenir photo with their staff. (PNC photo)

For those craving an informal Japanese dining/bar experience, there’s a new place to go to in Tumon.

The Eddington family has been in the restaurant business for around 10 years now. Their first venture — Izakaya by Jimmy — a family-run place in Upper Tumon — was one of the first few izakayas on Guam.

But the pandemic and its dining restrictions forced many businesses to close temporarily or permanently and the Eddington family had to reevaluate their options and went back to Japan.

But an opportunity opened up — and with several generous partners — the family decided to come back to the restaurant business on Guam.

Their newest venture — Izakaya at Tumon — at the Acanta Mall continues their tradition of making good Japanese food for the casual dining crowd.

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The Eddingtons explain the concept behind the izakaya dining experience and what diners could expect from the menu.

“Izakaya is a drinking place and a restaurant together. Just like American franchise restaurant, they have a dining place … some people eating dinner … it is the same thing but Japanese style,” said owner James Eddington Jr.

Co-owner Gemini Eddington said: “I know we are Japanese Izakaya but we promise you, we have the best sisig on island, and according to our customers we have good yakitori too. There’s a lot of dishes and we still carry what we have before that everybody missed when we were closed….but we are back now.”

Izakaya at Tumon will have a soft opening on Thursday, Jan 21 according to the Eddingtons. They have no schedule for the grand opening yet, but for those who are coming in tomorrow, doors open at 10:30 am and close at 10 pm.