A Changing of the Guard At JGPO, Bice to Step Down, Ludovici to Step Up


Guam – Retired Major General David Bice will step down as the forward executive director of the Joint Guam Program Office at the end of this year.

Bice was appointed to the forward executive director role in January of 2007. Since then he led JGPO’s Guam Office through the completion of the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA process.

JGPO’s John Jackson says that Bice had been saying for the last couple of years that he would like to step down after the Record of Decision is signed. Joe Ludovici has been appointed as Bice’s replacement.

Ludivici has been with JGPO since it’s inception in 2006. “Mr. Joe Ludovici has been with the program since 2006 he is the director of JGPO he runs the Washington D.C. office today so he’ll basically fleet up or step up into David Bice’s position and he’ll run the program from Washington,” said Jackson.

Ludovici served in the United States Navy Civil Engineer Corps for 25 years including a tour as the commanding officer of the public works center in Guam.