Jake Gribbon, Project Manager for Critchfield Pacific Inc. on the Big Show with Travis Coffman


Critchfield specializes in designing, engineering and building mechanical, heating and HVAC systems for clients in the commercial, residential and military sectors. They frequently specialize in unique, energy-efficient mechanical systems.

Critchfield started in 2005 in Hawaii and Jake came to Guam in late 2009. Their current big project on Guam involves work on a 140-unit enlisted quarter. The company stresses creating systems that are energy efficient and rely on the environment. The project will provide 100% solar-powered hot water. 

Critchfield has a company policy of hiring locally as much as possible. This provides jobs to local labor, who will in turn provide for their families and invest their money back into the island. Since the company is bringing in new methods of installation that are improvements on previous methods, workers gain a lot of on-the-job training.

Jake is a 3rd generation pipe-fitter and learned the trade through apprenticeships in Southern California. He has held a variety of roles, including 3D computer graphic drafter and, currently, project management. This is his 2nd project management role. The first was a 42-story high-rise in Beverly Hills that was in a high-profile location. Celebrities purchased some of the units.

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