Jamaican Grill preparing for 2020 Mangilao branch opening

This is the site of the future Jamaican Grill branch in Mangilao.
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A local staple, Jamaican Grill is expanding once again as the company has its sights set on Mangilao for the new location.

Jamaican Grill, which opened its flagship restaurant at Chamorro Village in 1994, is expanding yet again. The restaurant’s fourth location will be opening in Mangilao in 2020 and is a welcome addition to the village.

Jamaican Grill’s new location will be Mangilao’s largest dine-in restaurant, with a capacity of around 130 seats, all while emphasizing more technology than the chain’s current locations.

Part of the restaurant called the Jerk Shack will be student and faculty-oriented.

Jamaican Grill is projecting a late summer or early fall opening in 2020.