James Corpuz Found Guilty of Raping 2 Minors


The jury deliberated for just two hours. James Corpuz raped two sisters from the time they were in elementary school. The girls were repeatedly raped for several years.

Guam – A man who repeatedly raped two minors for several years was found guilty of 13 counts of criminal sexual conduct yesterday.


James Nicolas Corpuz raped his victims from the time they were in elementary school until one of the girls became pregnant several years later.

The jury deliberated for just two hours before reaching their verdict.

Corpuz almost got away with the charges last year. After several months on the run, police picked up Corpuz in early 2015. But because a court clerk failed to schedule one of his hearings, the speedy trial clock expired, forcing the superior court to release Corpuz from prison.

The clerk was eventually fired and Corpuz was arrested again after the Attorney General’s Office was able to obtain a superseding indictment against Corpuz.

Corpuz’s sentencing hearing is set for August 5th at 3 pm.





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