Japan Allocates $416 Million for Guam Buildup


Guam – According to the Associated Press Japan decided on Friday to allocate 37 billion Yen or $416 million dollars for the military buildup on Guam.


 Specifically this money is to go towards the construction of utility facilities and the improvement of infrastructure on Guam that is needed to accommodate ten thousand marines from Okinawa. Their budget for 20011 however does not include expense for the construction of a new airfield in Okinawa to replace the Futenma air station. According to the article this reflects a stalemate between Okinawa and the Japanese central government over the relocation of Futenma within Okinawa. As you may recal a delegation of Okinawan lawmakers came to Guam and the CNMI to see if our islands would be receptive to hosting the Futenma air base along with it’s additional four thousand marines. The Okinawan Prefectural members told local lawmakers that their people want Futenma out of Okinawa entirely.