Palacios: Federal Funds Are Available to DOC to Help Cover Cost of Housing FAS Migrants


Guam – Public Safety Committee Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios has written to Department of Corrections Director Jose San Agustin  to urge him to take advantage of federal funds that are available to help cover the costs of housing FAS migrants

In a letter to the DOC Director, Senator Palacios writes that the money is available through one the the programs under DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance.

READ Senator Palacios’ letter to DOC Director San Agustin

The program is the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) which is making funds available for states and localities that incurred correctional officer salary costs for incarcerating certain undocumented criminal aliens.

READ the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program notice of availability of funds

The Senator urges San Agustin to take advantage of the funds “considering the bleak financial condition of the government of Guam.”