Japan Diet Member Aisawa Says $740 Million is a Loan, Not A Grant


Guam – Yesterday (tuesday) members of the legislature met with Japan diet member Ichiro Aisawa.


The Diet is Japan’s national lawmaking body. Aisawa is a long-time member of the Japan Diet with a lot of experience in Japanese government. Guam’s Speaker Judi Wonpat says that during the meeting he told lawmakers that the $740 million dollars that Japan is supposed to give Guam for infrastructural improvements as part of the buildup agreement would be a loan. “They themselves are at a quandry trying to figure whether who will be the one to take this loan out and who it would be for and those questions are not even being answered,” said Speaker Wonpat. Ge also noted that because of the delays with the movement of Futenma the buildup probably wont be completed until 2017.