Japanese cuisine featured at GCC takeout event

GCC students prepared Japanese-inspired cuisine. (PNC photo)

The Guam Community College Culinary Arts Program prepared delicious Japanese cuisine during the third week of their annual takeout event.

The GCC Culinary Arts annual buffet is usually held buffet style. However, this year, the buffet is distributed through takeout due to the pandemic.

This event is a part of the Pacific Asian cuisine class, in which culinary students execute a buffet inspired by their assigned country. According to Chef Paul Kerner, the head instructor of GCC’s culinary program, students are expected to create a menu, write their banquet event orders, and assign and delegate leadership amongst themselves.

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Students prepared Japanese-inspired cuisine including main dishes such as misoyaki chicken, basa panko, and futomaki sushi rolls paired with Japanese potato salad, chahan fried rice, and yakisoba. Topping off the tasty meal was a delectable strawberry shortcake roll and a cold bottle of water.

Proceeds from this event will benefit GCC’s student activity fund, allowing students to be certified through the American Culinary Federation.

This year’s annual takeout serves as an exam for culinary students. When asked about what culinary students wish to achieve through this event, culinary student Micheal Greyjic said: “We hope to achieve a good grade, we hope to display our technical skills through the Japanese theme. We hope to achieve happiness.”

Along with providing happiness to the community, the program also gives back to those in need by donating 75 meals to the Catholic Social Services every Thursday.

“Because there are a lot of people that are struggling, we are donating 75 meals to Catholic Social Services, to give back to the community,” Chef Kerner said.

The chef, along with his culinary students, recognizes the comfort that food can provide to people during difficult times. They hope to continue introducing the community to new and exciting experiences through food while remaining safe in the comfort of their homes.

Culinary student Roblin Umaga echoed this sentiment.

“Takeout is much safer during COVID. We hope that we can make them taste different kinds of food— help them get more comfortable with foods outside the island, so they have an experience inside the safety of their own home,” Umaga said.

Takeout meals are sold for $10 every Thursday, except for April 1st, until May 6. Lunch takeout is from 11 am to 12:30 pm, followed by dinner takeout from 4 to 5:30 pm at the multipurpose auditorium.

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